Are You Ready For The Challenge? Enter the Nokia’s Asha Developer Competition

Are you a developer and ready for a quick challenge? Then read on. Nokia is at it again with the launch of its “Asha Developer Competition“. Your mission will be to build what can be called the year’s best apps for Asha Full-Touch smartphones. And for your effort, you stand a chance to win free promotion, gain invaluable experience, and possibly get a share of € 230,000. Your app is meant to cater for any of the following categories: Music & Entertainment, News & Info, Games or Utilities & Productivity.

The top three entries in each of the above categories will be awarded cash prizes worth:

  1. € 25,000 for 1st place,
  2. € 15,000 for 2nd place, &
  3. € 10,000 for 3rd place.
Why You Need To Accept The Challenge?
  1. The Experience:  While you are developing your app, you get access to online tech support, webinars and trainings. You will also be exposed to guides on how to port your apps from other platforms. What else are you waiting for? The experience you stand to acquire is worth the motivation.
  2. The Glory: There will be 15 winners in 4 categories and then 3 special prizes. Who says you can’t be one of the winners :).
  3. And of course, the fame: Your code will be certified and your app promoted by Nokia. Your name could also be known world-wide :). Another motivation to accept the challenge.

How To Enter The Competition?

  1. Sign up: Register yourself for the Asha Developer Competition
  2. Develop: Build your app for Asha Full Touch using the Nokia SDK 2.0 for Java apps or the Nokia Web Tools 2.3 for WebApps.
  3. Get Support & Publish your app(s).

For more information about the competition, click here.


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