Taxi Park Releases Android Version Of Mobile App

TaxiPark, an online service created by Interactive Shack Africa, to help people move around easily within cities by the means of taxi from pickups to drop off, went live December, 2012 but only in web version. With TaxiPark, people can book for a taxi services online, which is on the web – i.e., there is need for internet connection.

However the first mobile app has just been released and it works on Android devices version 2.1 and above including tablets. The phone used in this photo below is the Samsung Galaxy sIII.

The opening page holds a couple of buttons. The green button takes the user to booking page when selected, and other buttons gives the user brief history of TaxiPark, Social Shares, and how to get in touch.

The booking process is quite straight forward in 3 simple steps, and you can experience it yourself by downloading the app on Google Play.

Image 3




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