AITEC Banking And Mobile Money West Africa 2013 – March 13 [EVENT]

The issue of mobile money and mobile banking has been an ongoing discussion in Nigeria for some time now. African banks have a great challenge in overcoming their heritage of colonial banking, which was designed to cater primarily for government, corporate and high-worth individuals.

The bottom part of the pyramid has been badly neglected. Now that mobile operators are setting the pace in terms of providing low-cost banking services, banks are scrambling to catch up. They can do this not only through technological innovation, but also through a customer-oriented corporate culture and service innovation.

On the 13th and 14th of March, 2013, *AITEC will be hosting the 6th annual Banking and Mobile Money West Africa Conference in Lagos.

Other topics to be discussed at the event include:

  • The Challenge and Opportunities of Mobile
  • The New Era of Regional Banking
  • Regulation vs Innovation
  • Microfinance: Deeping financial services
  • Islamic Banking: An alternative model for equitable banking
  • Conference Framework
Who is the conference aimed at?

The event will have several key audiences including:

  • ICT managers and professionals in the banking and financial services sector
  • Regulators
  • Policy-makers
  • High-level managers at CEO, COO and CFO levels in banks, MFIs and telecom operators
  • Innovators and service providers active in the financial services sector
  • Telecom operators and service providers
  • NGOs/civil society organisations directly involved with delivering banking or microfinance services in rural areas.
  • Media representatives
Evaluation and Outputs

There will be several outputs from the event such as:

  • Increased knowledge among top managers and professionals in the COMESA banking sector of latest international trends and technologies and their application in the region.
  • Increased awareness among high-level non-technical managers in the sector of the vital role ICT has to play in their business strategies – and the range of technologies and systems available
  • Informed media coverage that will help build a profile for the issues under discussion.
  • Broker relationships between suppliers and users of systems for the financial services sector.
Event details

Date: 13th – 14th of March. 2013
Venue: Eko Hotel Lagos, Nigeria
Time: 9am dailyYou can check the speaker’s profile out and register here.

*AITEC – African Information Technology Exhibitions and Conferences


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