Oopa What?! Harlem Shake Is Trending And iROKO TV’s In On It

If you still doing the Gangnam style, you are so 2012. The Psy dance was indeed a global phenomena, making it the first YouTube video to cross the 1 billion view mark. Everybody that was anybody did the Gangnam – Will.I.Am, Nelly Fotardo, MC Hammer, even UN General Secretary, Ban Ki Moon, and CcHuber’s during last year’s Christmas party.

As they say, every thing good comes to an end, especially if it’s an internet viral. 2013 is here and the Harlem Shake seem to be what’s trending. It may have started with this video here as it’s titled: The Harlem Shake v1 (TSCS original) and has the most views of about 7.5 million after 1 week.

More interesting is iROKO TV joining in on the action and doing their own version of the Harlem Shake from the Lagos and London office.

Can’t wait to see the videos from the J’Borg and NYSC office as it’s to be expected according to the Founder’s Facebook update. Hmmm! We should make a CcHub version too.


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