EFIKO Launches Secondary School Challenge

EFIKO was formally launched with a National Secondary school challenge competition. For the next six (6) months, the top student on the EFIKO leader board in five (5) subjects will win a mobile phone i.e. fifteen (15) students every month for six (6) months totaling ninety (90) students.


To participate in the challenge, SS1, SS2 and SS3 students are to:
  1. Go to EFIKO Platform
  2. Download the application
  3. Register (include a valid phone number)
  4. Take a test
  5. Submit your score
Winners will be determined as follows:
  1. Highest score in least amount of time in each subject (via the leaderboard) at the end of each month
  2. Verification of student identity through their schools
About Efiko

EFIKO is a mobile social quiz platform designed to enhance learning through self-assessment with topical quizzes tied to the National School Curriculum. EFIKO is available on multiple platforms such as Android, Nokia S40 and mobile web for other mobile devices  and for download from the Samsung Apps and Google Play stores. For more information, visit efiko.com.ng


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