#MySpinletFeedback: As Told By @UniqueLati

#MySpinletFeedback: As Told By @UniqueLati

The Spinlet app is live, and is churning out music content for mobile users in Nigeria and some other African countries. Here’s @UniqueLati’s feedback after using the app.

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@UniqueLati was kind to give @NubiKay of @OTEKBITS a heads up:
Later on, I’ll give my spinlet feedback. Cc: @NubiKay #MySpinletFeedbackUniqueLati
Spinlet | Move With ItSpinlet is a company focused on meeting the needs of music lovers allowing them to buy, listen, share, and manage music all within a user…
can’t wait “@uniqueLati: Later on, I’ll give my spinlet feedback. Cc: NubiKay #MySpinletFeedback”Nubi Kay
#MySpinletFeedback Starts Here:
Spinlet app is quite intuitive and seamless. It offers a beautiful user experience. The HCI is quite seamless and fluid. #MySpinletFeedbackUniqueLati
Im usin d 1 for blackberry os and it’s really cool. Downloading is straightforward enuff if it’s 4 a free song/album. #MySpinletFeedbackUniqueLati
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It has good navigation support. The app has few issues tho. For instance, its integration with BBM updates isn’t fluid. #MySpinletFeedbackUniqueLati
You have to manually update BBM status by clickin on the BBM option which prompts u again to "confirm BBM profile update".#MySpinletFeedbackUniqueLati
That’s two clicks just to update your BBM’s PM and u have 2 do it 4 each song. Tedious. Dis can make d feature redundant. #MySpinletFeedbackUniqueLati
It would be nice if u only have to confirm d update 1ce while u r still on d app. #MySpinletFeedbackUniqueLati
Hence it can auto update BBM status every time u play a song. #MySpinletFeedbackUniqueLati
I tried to see if it would work when u for instance shuffle an album, but it still required manual clicks. #MySpinletFeedbackUniqueLati
That sorta took away from its fluidity. #MySpinletFeedbackUniqueLati
@NubiKay Reaches Out To Spinlet Evagenlist @JesseOguns:
@JesseOguns you may want to follow @uniqueLati #MySpinletFeedback @spinlet #mobile #music #Nigeria #AfricaNubi Kay
Back to the issues:
Another issue that I see is the niche market. Seems dis is only designed for Nigerians in Nigeria. #MySpinletFeedbackUniqueLati
How do ppl in diaspora purchase credit? Iroking with Eskimo make rake over dis particular market. #MySpinletFeedbackUniqueLati
it requires registration before you can purchase music. Which I find restricting. #MySpinletFeedbackUniqueLati
I, personally, am tired of registering to sites and apps. #MySpinletFeedbackUniqueLati
Maybe a fb/twitter login integration will make dis a bit easier 2 deal w/. Of cos dat comes w/ privacy n security issues. #MySpinletFeedbackUniqueLati
So I think they should allow purchase with just email address as identification in case anything goes wrong. #MySpinletFeedbackUniqueLati
A paypal service 4 dis will b nice.I rather paypal than use direct credit card transaction ‘cos of trust& security issues.#MySpinletFeedbackUniqueLati
They have features such as messaging that requires authenticated login before it’s available. N dats fair enuff. #MySpinletFeedbackUniqueLati
But I think d friends feature shud b available w/out login.User shud get2choose whether dey want a public/private profile.#MySpinletFeedbackUniqueLati
Furthermore, I cannot see or tell the price of a single or an album before I choose to purchase it. #MySpinletFeedbackUniqueLati
It will be cool if they also have a desktop app. I can see me using this like I use spotify. #MySpinletFeedbackUniqueLati
RT @uniqueLati: It will be cool if they also have a desktop app. I can see me using this like I use spotify. #MySpinletFeedbackAgwu obinna
Okay, I’m done. il certainly use it 4 streaming. Doubt I will register or subscribe to it. Its seamless UI is alluring. #MySpinletFeedbackUniqueLati
Thank you @UniqueLati for your feedback on the Spinlet app.



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