Testers Wanted: Help Us Put Glo’s Nationwide Hotspot In The Hotseat (Get Free Internet Data)

Okay, so here’s the experiment we’ve been talking about since last week. I apologise for the delay, you can thank Glo Customer Care for that.

In any case, it’s about time we put Glo’s nationwide hotspot in the hot seat. By this time I’ve already verified that the data sharing feature does work, but what the hell, we’ll do it anyway.

Here’s how we’re gonna do it. The data sharing feature supports up to six users. I’ve got two slots, my modem’s SIM with the data plan, and my mobile phone. Mister Mobility is our expert participant, and he’s also got one slot. That leaves three slots to you, the audience Who and who will those be?

Since Mr Mobility and I are within Lagos, we’d prefer that the remaining participants came from outside Lagos, and hopefully as far flung from each other as we can get. That means we’re more likely to pick a respondent who lives in Kaduna, for instance. That’s not to say Lagos people cannot apply however. Asides the location preferences, the rest of  the selection process will be entirely random.

Next, this is important. We require that our participants –

1. Have a data monitor installed on their mobile device, or have some way to measure their data consumption on their PC, so we can determine how much data each participant used for the purpose of our conclusions.

2. Be able to conduct a speedtest and send in screenshots via speedtest.net. It would be interesting to see if the revamped and rechristened Glo Bolt service (their words, not mine) is indeed worthy of the title — in your area, at least.

By applying, you guarantee that you meet the above requirements. If you fit the bill, and are willing, kindly send an email to otek@bits.ng with the following info:

1. Your name

2. Your Twitter handle

3. Your location

4. Your Glo phone/SIM number

We’ll stop taking applications by noon tomorrow, and announce the selected participants shortly after that. The testing will begin on Wednesday and end on Friday. This means that each participant will have two days to test the subscription and record their findings. We think that about 500MB is plenty of data for each person who’ll be assisting us in this experiment. The findings will be collated, and we’ll publish them at the earliest opportunity.

That’s basically the sum of it. I’m counting on your help, people. Let’s get to testing.



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