70TH PRECINCT To Host Nigeria’s First Mobile Application Summit

Global content provider for mobile applications – 70th PRECINCT is planning to host what would be the very first Nigerian mobile applications summit in December, with the hope that Nigeria could become the greatest center for mobile Apps development in Africa.

Speaking at a media interactive session in Lagos recently, Chief Executive of 70th PRECINCT, Mr. Osamede Umweni said the Nigeria Apps Summit would bring together the brightest minds in mobile technology in Nigeria. The firm would be organizing the summit scheduled to hold in Lagos, in partnership with E2 Marketing, in a bid to step up awareness of mobile applications, and deepen its penetration among Nigerians.

According to Osamede, “Nigeria needs apps that will drive business in the country and we need apps that can give information as well as apps that can educate our people. The planned Nigerian Mobile Applications Summit is therefore right platform to achieve all of these.

The Mobile Applications Summit promises to harness the potential of Nigerian youths in mobile applications, and prepare them for the apps revolution that is currently sweeping across globe.In order to involve students and develop their skills in mobile applications, Osamede said they would partner with government to reach out to schools to sensitize them on apps development.

The summit would discuss the gains of mobile application, create avenue to develop youths on mobile application, and create jobs for Nigerian mobile application developers.

In a research carried out recently by the market research firm – Gartner, they estimate that this year alone, mobile users across the globe will pay more than $25 billion to buy ‘mobile applications’ in the areas of games, social networking tools, productivity and entertainment-based mini programs for mobile phones despite the fact that 80 per cent of these will be free downloads this year.

Based on Gartner’s projection on mobile apps, Osamede explained that mobile applications have become the business with the fastest turnaround time in today’s software industry, a situation that motivated his firm to plan the hosting of the Nigerian Mobile Apps Summit.

Another study however predicts that the Mobile Apps market in 2013 will be worth $27 billion with an expected 50 billion downloads as Internet usage on mobile devices surges ahead, making some people predict that mobile internet usage will surpass desktop computers in 2013.

He also mentioned that “targeted audience of the planned summit include Entrepreneurs, Operators of Telecoms Services and Internet Service Providers, Corporate Executives, Government, Venture Capitalists, Corporate Investors, Third Party Developers in Web and Mobile Apps, Internet/Mobile Marketers/ Advertisers, Content Providers/ Aggregators, Brand Managers, User Interface Architects, ICT Consultants, among others.”

Mobile communication gadgets have been around in Nigeria for over a decade, yet it is alarming to find that despite the high level of mobile phone users in Nigeria, there are not too many local content-based mobile applications around yet.

Source – This Day