The All New Microsoft, Formerly

The new web-mail service from Microsoft called replaces the ‘former’ popular Hotmail. The company hopes that new features built into the web-based Outlook client will draw web users away from competing services like Gmail and Yahoo.

Hotmail has fallen far: Nearly a decade ago, it was sitting on top of the web-mail heap. However, as Google ramped up Gmail, and as Yahoo also joined the fray, Hotmail seemed to lose its way during its many attempts at redesign and at least one re-branding as Windows Live. Features: is an attempt to gain that mojo back. The Metro interface makes an appearance and with it comes a much cleaner interface. The result is a 30-percent increase in the number of viewable messages, according to Microsoft. The company also is doing away with large display ads, an obvious shot at its competitors.

“We realized that we needed to take a bold step, break from the past. and build you a brand new service from the ground up,” Outlook team member Chris Jones wrote in the Microsoft Outlook blog.

Having experience, I am really tempted to use the product, as it allows to add more than one email account from different mail services. Yes, I have my gmail account and yahoo account on It also allows you add your social accounts: Facebook, Twitter, and Messenger – pretty cool.

Notice the Quick Views tab on the left panel? It literally filters out mails with attached documents and photos from your inbox. So no need searching through the whole bunch of emails for that image or document that was sent. Awesome!

Do try out the new, i.e., and share your feedbacks.