Help: Developers and Programmers Wanted!


It is no more news that things are happening at a faster rate in Nigeria. New businesses are being started daily. Existing businesses are expanding to new line of business. Foreign companies are also fighting to take their share of the Nigeria market. And off course, the investors are not left out.

They are constantly beaming their light in the Nigeria technology space. All these have led to one single fact – the battle for skilled workforce – developers and programmers. As more technology businesses are being started in Nigeria, this need will be on the increase.

The Need:

You may think this is not really a big need in the industry but read on. Some months ago, I was looking to hire a front-end developer for a friend. So, I contacted some of my techie friends and people within my network for recommendation. The outcome was shocking. More than 70% of the people recommended the same person. This is alarming but shows the reality on the ground. To make the matter more interesting, the person is involved in several projects. So, it is difficult to actually get his attention.

This scenario is not peculiar to me only. In fact, my discussion with the Sub Sahara CEO of a leading brand in Nigeria confirms this. All his company technical guys are based out of South Africa.This and CEOs of some other companies are in serious dilemma.  Their businesses operate in Nigeria but have always had to depend on resources in other countries for technical supports. The very few available developers and programmers in Nigeria are in high demand. And for you to be able to get their services, you must be willing to pay high premium. The truth is that we need developers and programmers to be able to launch any meaningful solution in Nigeria. Our technology ecosystem can not be fully developed until this need is met. So, the question is, “how to do we solve this problem”?

Learn to Code:

Are you passionate about technology and do you like mathematics? Are you still a student or awaiting result into tertiary institution? You may even be working somewhere at the moment. There is now an opportunity created for you to turn your passion into work. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the passion for technology at the moment, this can always be developed. You can learn some basic skills and create a business empire for yourself. Many people have started this way – pick up a skill – and are, today, running, successful business. Interesting thing is that learning to code is easier today than the past years. The penetration of the internet in Nigeria has made things pretty easier. You can learn anything from where you are presently. All you need are a personal computer and internet access. The rest is passion and commitment to spend the required hours to develop the skills.

Take up the challenge:

You might be saying that you don’t know anything about programming or that there is nobody that can can help you. Forget about your limitation. You are your own limitation.  Websites like Code academy are just a click a way. You just have to show enough interest.

When the students are ready, the teacher shows up

Decide today that you are going to be a very good programmer in few weeks. Then, make a commitment to do everything it will take to achieve this. Decision and commitment are two key things that you need to set yourself in motion. Choose to  be the best and always look for opportunity to showcase your skills. There are many people looking for programmers and are ready to pay for your skill sets. Instead of sitting down and wasting your time, convert your time to meaningful use. Pick up a programming skill today.

You may say that you are working and don’t need this. Wait! What is stopping you from earning an extra income or even starting a tech. business part-time? If you are already a programmer, develop your skills the more. Our world needs you and ready to pay you for quality job. Make yourself visible. Be known for one platform.

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  1. Eryl Talbot says:

    Thanks! I’ll definitely tell my friends and colleagues about this. Are there entry-level opportunities?

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