BriNGitBay: A Review Of E-Commerce Startups In Nigeria

I am quite reluctant calling BriNGitBay a start-up as it has been in existence for some years now. Arguably one of the very first on-line stores in Nigeria who started this e-commerce thing before the advent of payment cards into the Nigeria e-commerce technology ecosystem. (Wait a second, have you read my review on Sabunta and taafoo?)

Just like any other on-line company, definitely has had its share challenges over the year. They have weathered the storm and are doing stronger then predicted.

BriNGitBay have expended operations from shopping experience in the UK to including shopping experience in the United States of America, as well as delivery to Nigeria and neighbouring Ghana. This is not to say is self-sufficient, and will do good with some funding to expand the business.

Having gone through, I have come to understand that the shopping experience is different from the regular. At you shop from the topmost brand and stores in the United Kingdom and in the United State. This brings me to a conclusion that it is more of your go-to logistics company for items you need to buy and get delivered to you in Nigeria. These ranges from clothings to books, gadgets, sports items, cars and car spare parts etc.

Something new on is the marketplace. Which allows you to sell your own items directly to a prospective buyer anywhere. The look and feel, of is what an online shopper would want – one like me. All the information in just on one page. Perfectly highlighted and itemized. There is no lack of guidance from the first page to whatever your are willing to purchase online.  However,  I would recommend take a look into resolution of the page (especially the images) as it fits perfectly only on a 14″ and 15.5″ screen. With the advent of bigger screens you dont want to go wrong with resolutions on you site.

Shopping Experience

The shopping experience is way different. Like I said earlier, is not your traditional on-line store. It is more of an on-line logistics bay where you (resident in Ghana or Nigeria) can shop from any shop in the UK or USA and fill out your shopping list on the site, and in turn BriNGitBay makes the shopping on your behalf and then delivery the items to you. Now BriNGitBay is not taafoo as it charges you for the delivery process at a percentage of the cost of your shopping which includes all form of taxes required to be paid for the freight. This is the only way to keep the business going. Its better to note that a read of the FAQ page would give a full understanding of how the shopping experience at is desinged to be.

Customer Care

I must say the customer care at  is exceptional. I called the Ghana customer care service number and a man answered and was able to answer my questions. The call to the Nigeria customer service number was also exceptional. A lady’s voice welcomed me with ‘Hello, This is BriNGitBay’. I was pleased to hear someone speak on the other side on a first dial on both account.

This bring me to my summary:, though not your traditional on-line store, but an on-line logistic shopping bay where you can get to purchase your prefered items from UK and USA and it get delivered to you in Ghana or Nigeria. I would conclude by saying is on a sure path of achieving its set goal but with a little twicks here and there.