Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship, 10-13 October, Accra, Ghana


Every year, the African Leadership Network (ALN) selects Africa’s best entrepreneurs for their international Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship competition. We take a look at what the competition entails.

Are you a high-impact African entrepreneur making a difference in your community? Do you strive to high levels of excellence and had a profitable business for at least two years? If so, you could be eligible to join the ranks of celebrated high-impact African entrepreneurs annually recognized at the African Awards for Entrepreneurship (AAE) event.

The AAE was first started in 2007 and has since attracted more than 7,000 applications from businesses across the continent.  Prizes in excess of US $ 1.4 million have been awarded to leading African companies. These monetary awards have helped previous winners push boundaries in their respective industries and reach greater levels of success. The event in part also serves as a valuable networking platform for ardent entrepreneurs.

According to ALN, the event annually organises an international panel of business experts to confer and recognize the efforts of exceptional entrepreneurial leaders who serve as role models to Africa’s aspiring entrepreneurs. Some of the criteria they look for include: overall profitability and return on investment and growth; leadership, culture and values; investment in employees, and making a contribution to the community.

This year, AAE has expanded their selections to also celebrate the achievements of smaller entrepreneurs with businesses generating revenues from US $500 000. In addition, the 2012 event’s awards have been revamped to shine the spotlight on various specific accomplishments; like the transformation award, which identifies a notable business leader who has introduced major social-economic impact in Africa, or the lifetime achievement award, awarded to a senior African business leader who has left an enduring entrepreneurial legacy and has served as an entrepreneurial icon for several decades.

Hard work and ingenuity needs to be fostered and reinforced. One way to do so is by recognizing and celebrating successful advances that have been made. This event commemorates the entrepreneurial spirit in Africa.

The 2012 application forms are available in either English or French. Please send completed entries to The deadline for entries is 31 August 2012.

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