Media Breakfast With Nokia 808 Pureview

Early 2nd of August morning at Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Nokia made out a breakfast meeting with media houses to publicly display the expected expendable first 41 Megapixel mobile phone – the Nokia 808 Pureview. Though I have been eager to feel the device since the first announcement on 27th of February at MWC2012. I didn’t go with much expectation this morning and then the feeling was re-ignited and the experience left  me jaw-wide.

I was first shocked at the entrance, as I was welcomed with a photo Kelechi Amadi-Obi shot with a Nokia 808 Pureview  which was simply amazing.

I took some shots through-out the weekend with a Nikon D90 camera and I was stunned when I discovered that the Nokia 808 could do much stuff the D90 camera could do; some things like background blur, motion shot and many more. I could not believe my eyes until I held the phone and took some shots. One word to describe the photos – Awesome!

Don’t forget the phone is 41MP (mega pixel). Pixel is the smallest controllable element of a picture represented on the screen. So, the 41MP means you have 41, 000, 000 pixel in any photography you take with pureview.

You may notice that anytime you zoom into a photo, it starts to have these ‘boxy‘ pattern scattered, which means the device you used to take the photography has low pixel. In the case of Pureview 808, it takes the component at the background of the image you took as if it were part of the main object in the photograph. So you don’t need to disturb yourself when taking a shot in a crowded place or moving crowd.

3 lucky winners also went home with Nokia 808 Pureview each with the raffle draw, well I was not part of the winners :(.

Here are the specification of  the Nokia 808 Pureview smartphone:

  • OS:  Nokia Belle OS
  • CPU:  1.3 GHz ARM 11
  • Browser:  HTML5, Adobe Flash Lite
  • Battery life:  Endurance rating 34hrs
  • Internal: 16GB Storage, 1GB ROM, 512 MB RAM


  1. spacyzuma says:

    Actually the highest picture resolution that the 808Pureview can capture is 38MP, not 41MP. 41MP is the resolution of the camera’s sensor.

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