Just remember that #AmericaWillKnow, always

It seems President Jonathan might have an uncanny knack for inspiring Twitter memes & trends consistently. At the Presidential Media Chat yesterday, the president was asked about the $50 billion oil money, which the now suspended CBN Governor, Sanusi Lamido had alleged missing. He responded, as quoted from Vanguard:

Twenty billion dollars is a lot of money. If you steal $20 billion today, America will know. It is their money. Where will you hide the money? Even Dangote that is celebrated as the richest man in Africa today can not produce such amount of money

Almost immediately the #AmericaWillKnow hashtag started and before long, it was trending on Twitter. As of this posting, it has been trending for at least 13 hours:

Get off your butt because..

Obama knows too…

Yes, they know

Better hold your breath because

But does Mr President know?

Who needs Google when…

Gats to pose right

Keep calm because…

This one had us in stitches…

They in it for the business

Oh Al Jazeera too?